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Lodoïska - Luigi Cherubini Riccardo Muti (1991) Lodoiska Mariella Devia Lysinka Francesca Pedaci Floreski Bernard Lombardo Titzikan Thomas Moser Varbel Alessandro Corbelli Dourlinski William Shimell Altamoras Mario Luperi Talma Danilo Serraiocco Premier emissaire Pierto Spina Deuxieme emissaire Ernesto Panariello Troisieme emissaire Enzo Capuano Premier tartare Renato Cazzaniga Deuxieme tartare Aldo Bramante Orchester: Teatro alla Scala di Milano Chor: Teatro alla Scala di Milano.

1-2 cherubini: lodoiska 3-4 gluck: iphigenie en tauride 5 casella: paganiniana, op. 65, martucci: three pieces, busoni: turandot suite, op. 41 6-7 verdi: la traviata 8-9 verdi: falstaff 10 brahms: serenade ., o. Riccardo Muti Music Records is a Record Label producing unique audiovisual recordings of Riccardo Muti. RMMUSIC holds and manages Riccardo Muti’s image and recording rights. Its products are entirely Made in Italy. In addition to registering the final execution of the concert and the opera, RMMUSIC Records undertakes to record what happens during the preparation stages of the conductor when rehearsing with singers, orchestra, at the piano and during the score analysis.

Cherubini – Lodoiska – Muti. 23 Wednesday Aug 2017. Posted by Thang Nguyen in Sony. Cherubini, Riccardo Muti. Label : Sony Format : Ape Cover : Yes. Tracklist : Luigi Cherubini Lodoïska.

Luigi Cherubini (Composer), Riccardo Muti (Conductor), Coro e Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala (Orchestra), Thomas Moser (Performer), Francesca Pedaci (Performer), Alessandro Corbelli (Performer), Bernard Lombardo (Performer), Mario Luperi (Performer), Mariella Devia (Performer), William Shimell (Performer) & 7 more Format: Audio C. I answer "yes" as I slip the two discs out of their superbly designed boxed set, "that" being "Lodoiska" by Luigi Cherubini (Paris,1791); libretto (adapted) by Claude-Francois Fillette-Loraux. It was this "rescue-opera" that inspired Beethoven's "Fidelio" and was the first opera to be presented in post-revolutionary Paris to great public acclaim. Certainly the citizens of Paris must have felt in need of some rescuing after the long years of terror and deprivation.

Album title: Cherubini: Lodoïska. Composer(s): Luigi Cherubini. Lodoïska is a rescue opera, of a kind that became highly popular during the French revolutionary period, and of which Beethoven’s Fidelio is the sublime exemplar, indeed the only great one. Lodoïska is safely set in 17th-century Poland, and involves rescuing a lovely young woman from the clutches of a tyrant. It has always struck me as an extraordinarily dull piece, full of energy but melodically and dramatically uninspired.

RMMusic (Riccardo Muti Music) holds and manages Riccardo Muti’s image and recording rights. RMMusic follows and records Riccardo Muti in concert, rehearsal, during his explanation of the opera on the piano, while he works with singers, analyzes the scor. iscover more. Italian Opera Academy is a project by Riccardo Muti based on the teaching of the Italian operatic repertoire to young conductors, singers and répétiteurs.

Riccardo Muti, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI (Italian: ; born 28 July 1941) is an Italian conductor. He holds two music directorships: the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini. Previously he held posts at the Maggio Musicale in Florence, the Philharmonia Orchestra in London, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Salzburg Whitsun Festival. Muti has been a prolific recording artist and has received dozens of honors, titles, awards and prizes. He is particularly associated with the music of Giuseppe Verdi  . Muti graduated from Liceo classico (Classical Lyceum) Vittorio Emanuele II in Naples, then studied piano at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella under Vincenzo Vitale; here Muti was awarded a diploma cum laude.

Track List - Disc 1

Title/Composer Performer Time
Lodoïska, heroic comedy in 3 acts
1 Ouverture Riccardo Muti 9:27
2 Act 1. Introduction. Approchez sans défiance Riccardo Muti 3:36
3 Act 1. Vous voyez, mes amis Riccardo Muti 1:08
4 Act 1. Air. Triomphons avec noblesse Riccardo Muti 3:38
5 Act 1. Le soleil se lève Riccardo Muti 0:48
6 Act 1. Voyez la belle besogne Riccardo Muti 5:02
7 Act 1. Que pouvais-je faire Riccardo Muti 0:49
8 Act 1. Quatuor. Étrangers, n'avez pont d'alarmes Riccardo Muti 4:31
9 Act 1. Je te demande la vie Riccardo Muti 0:52
10 Act 1. Trio avec choeur. Jurons, quoiqu'il faille entreprendre Riccardo Muti 4:20
11 Act 1. Quel étonnant langage! Riccardo Muti 0:33
12 Act 1. Polonaise. Souvent près d'une belle Riccardo Muti 2:16
13 Act 1. Perdre ma belle? Riccardo Muti 1:54
14 Act 1. Qu'un tendron à ma guise / Qu'amour me conduise Riccardo Muti 2:08
15 Act 1. Eh! voici une pierre Riccardo Muti 0:48
16 Act 1. Finale 1. Floreski! Floreski! Riccardo Muti 7:44
17 Act 1. Eh bien, qu'allons nous entreprendre? Riccardo Muti 3:28
18 Act 1. Étrangers, pourrait-on s'instruire Riccardo Muti 5:48

Track List - Disc 2

Title/Composer Performer Time
Lodoïska, heroic comedy in 3 acts
1 Act 2. Quel nouveau grime médite ton maître Riccardo Muti 0:43
2 Act 2. Récitatif. Que dis-je, ô Ciel! Riccardo Muti 1:58
3 Act 2. Air. Hélas! dans ce cruel asile Riccardo Muti 3:12
4 Act 2. Mais pour moi s'il s'expose Riccardo Muti 2:18
5 Act 2. Lysinka, sortez et laissez-nous seuls Riccardo Muti 1:03
6 Act 2. Duo. A ces traits je connais ta rage Riccardo Muti 3:23
7 Act 2. Mon serment est de te vouer Riccardo Muti 0:37
8 Act 2. Quatuor avec choeur. Non, non, perdez cette espérance Riccardo Muti 3:39
9 Act 2. Tu n'appartiendras jamais à ce Floreski Riccardo Muti 2:38
10 Act 2. Trio. Ciel, ce que je lui propose Riccardo Muti 4:24
11 Act 2. J'adopte ton projet Riccardo Muti 0:33
12 Act 2. Air. Rien n'égale sa barbarie Riccardo Muti 3:53
13 Act 2. Viens, mon cher Varbel! Riccardo Muti 1:38
14 Act 2. Finale 2. Hélas! qu'allons-nous entreprendre? Riccardo Muti 6:37
15 Act 2. Amis, que ce divin breuvage Riccardo Muti 2:38
16 Act 2. Bon, les voilà qu'ils y viennent Riccardo Muti 4:21
17 Act 2. Traîtres! Riccardo Muti 4:06
18 Act 3. Il faut tenter ce dernier moyen Riccardo Muti 0:27
19 Act 3. Air. Oui, pour mon heureuse adresse Riccardo Muti 4:02
20 Act 3. Cruel! que me voulez-vous encore? Riccardo Muti 0:21
21 Act 3. Air. Tournez sur moi votre colère Riccardo Muti 3:54
22 Act 3. Soyez mon épouse et Floreski est libre Riccardo Muti 1:02
23 Act 3. Quatuor. Quoi! t'unir à ce barbare! Riccardo Muti 4:57
24 Act 3. Seigneur, le château est attaqué Riccardo Muti 0:29
25 Act 3. Combat. Mais que signifie cette alarme? Riccardo Muti 0:34
26 Act 3. Eh! Quoi! brave jeune homme! Riccardo Muti 0:23
27 Act 3. Finale 3. Tyran, au nombre de tes crimes Riccardo Muti 4:55
28 Act 3. Jeune homme, que l'amour t'unisse Riccardo Muti 2:20
29 Act 3. Votre fureur est l'égitime Riccardo Muti 2:48

Riccardo Muti - Cherubini: Lodoïska album download

Performer: Riccardo Muti

Title: Cherubini: Lodoïska

Duration: 02:12:43

Style: Opera

Genre: Classical

Size MP3: 1826 mb

Size FLAC: 1145 mb

Rating: 4.1 / 5

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